Sample Workplace Wellness Plan Ideas

Health Testing:
• Blood checks
• Breast cancer Testing
• Skin cancer Testing
• Diabetes Testing
• Cholesterol Testing
• Eye exams
• Body-fat Testing
• Flu shots
• Posture screening, spinal analysis
• Onsite child immunizations
• Prostate cancer screenings
• Fitness Testing
• Depression Testing

Fitness Ideas:
• Onsite fitness center or exercise room
• Walking and/or running club (during lunch hour or breaks)
• Onsite bike rake
• Mind/body classes (yoga, tai chi) initiatives
• Team sports (basketball, volleyball softball)
• Host an exercise equipment swap

Lifestyle Change or Behavior Change Programs:
• Tobacco cessation
• Weight management initiatives
• Substance abuse initiatives
• Fitness activity
• Stress management initiatives

Prevention and Safety Programs:
• Back-injury training and prevention
• Ergonomic education
• Hand-tool safety initiatives
• Fire safety initiatives

Health Education, Awareness, and Support Programs:
• Lunch & Learn or brown-bag wellness seminars (see your EAP for a list)
• Diet and Nutrition information, plus offer healthy food alternatives in your vending machines and cafeteria, and offer food storage and preparation facilities to encourage healthier eating
• Prenatal care initiatives
• Work-Life Balance initiatives
• Elder care initiatives
• Cancer support groups
• Financial Wellness Programs

Stress-Relief Programs:
• Laughter bulletin board where employee can post jokes and cartoons (in good taste)
• Visiting massage therapist
• Stretch breaks
• Group lunches or celebrations

Disease Management Programs:
• Back pain
• Asthma
• Diabetes
• Depression
• Cancer
• Obesity
• Hypertension

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