Wellness Plans : Wellness Program Action Plans.  

The Health Promotion Committee should set out a plan for the entire year that outlines accomplishing objectives and objectives, in addition to provides details for marketing and advertising and evaluating  the wellness program.

The plan is the detailed map of what kinds of wellness programs are going to be offered, when and where they will be scheduled, how they will be marketed and analyzed, and what the budget is.  

It’s imperative that you plan your wellness activities based on your objectives and objectives, in addition to the budget since different strategies will yield different outcomes.  For  instance, if your objective is to increase awareness on a topic, then distributing pamphlets or scheduling a one-time education session might  be appropriate.  

Nevertheless, if your goal is to change behavior, then different strategies could  be necessary, like ongoing weekly sessions and support groups.  Click here to link to Program Design Choices for additional ideas.

Health Promotion Program Marketing

This is the time to plan your advertising and marketing strategies! Just how can you market the health promotion program and ongoing activities?  No matter how you decide to, market often, keep it fresh, and remind staff members again and again!  

Consider having an overall kickoff activity to let everyone know about the wellness program. Upper Management ought to provide the introduction or invitation so that all employees are aware of their support and leadership in the wellness program.

Possible marketing methods –

• Sending email messages, including reminders

• Posting flyers,

• Displaying bulletin board postings,

• Writing articles,

• Sending letters or

• Sending special invitations.  

Other Health Promotion Program Considerations –

• Is the health promotion program promoted to all workforce or to a specific target audience?

• Do you’ve a health promotion program champion (someone who is connected with different groups in the company, and well respected) who can help in your promotion efforts?

• If your advertising and marketing efforts don’t seem to be working, do you have a way to revisit and adjust your strategy?

• How’ll you determine success and evaluate your wellness program?  and how will you collect the information needed to evaluate your wellness program?  

Topics most often included in Health Promotion Programs –

• Nutrition

• Physical Activity/Exercise

• Tobacco Use Cessation

• Bone Health

• Heart Health

• Healthful Back

• Stress Reduction

• Chronic Illness Awareness and Prevention

• Self-care; Wise Health Care Consumer

• Screening Services (BMI, blood pressure, bone density, cholesterol, glucose, posture, vision, and other…)

• Ergonomic Assessments

• Wellness Fairs

• Kids/family Events

• Others topics that personnel have interest in  

The topics and type of Wellness Program planned depend on the needs and interest, overall goal and resources available.  

Program Design Options include awareness programs such as pamphlets and/or education sessions, behavior change or modification programs such as smoking cessation and losing weight classes, and environmental or organizational support such as no smoking policies or healthful selections in vending machines.  

The health promotion programs planned also depend on the demographics of your workforce. If you’ve a young, healthy workforce, you could want to focus the wellness attention on keeping employees healthy and not need to screen for illness.  

Instead you might want to focus on healthful lifestyle behavior like exercise and good nutrition to prevent the start of disease.  Click here for additional information on strategies for keeping employees well, identifying disease early, or returning employees to work who already have a chronic illness.

It’s also imperative that you consider, and plan how you’ll evaluate the success of your health promotion program.  The system needs to be established for tracking certain data and recording events depending on the health promotion program goals and desired outcomes.  

Step 7 discusses wellness program evaluation in more detail.   and Step 6 will launch your wellness program!

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